Career Officer

As the Career Officer you are mainly responsible for the career portfolio of FAECTOR. You are also responsible (together with the Commercial Officer) for the acquisition of FAECTOR. You achieve both tasks partly by supervising the External Committee and the committees of the Econometric Career Days and by chairing the Quantitative Finance Tour. Next to that you will work closely with the Commercial Officer and the Marketing Officer for setting up the events that you organise.

After you are appointed you and the Commercial Officer will immediately start with the planning of meetings during the summer in which you visit our current partners. In these meetings you will evaluate their participation in career-events over the last year and discuss possible participation for the coming year.

The committees that you supervise are often quite independent. This means that you have a lot of freedom to choose how you want fulfill the supervising role. You can, for example, spend more of your time on guiding the processes or assist in development of your committee members.

The fact that you are the chairman of the Quantitative Finance Tour Committee makes the function of the Career Officer especially diverse. You play a very active role in the organization of the QFT, and the committee also consists of students outside of FAECTOR. You will go to London twice for the QFT. Around February you will go to evaluate last year's edition, and in September at the end of your board year you will go for the QFT itself.

Supervising the External Committee is a bit different from your other tasks as the main focus lies on the acquisition of companies and organisations for projects of FAECTOR. This year the External Committee assisted in the acquiring organisation for the FAECTOR Consultancy Project and the BETA. The committee also worked on organizing their own, brand-new, career event. 

What will be the main responsibilities of the Career Officer of the 54th board?

  • Supervising the Econometric Career Days Committee
  • Chairing the Quantitative Finance Tour Committee
  • Supervising the External Committee
  • Organising various career events, such as the inhouse days
  • Representative of the association towards companies and recruiters

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