Stichting Auditorenfonds Econometrisch Dispuut

RSIN: 813376919


Stichting Auditorenfonds Econometrisch Dispuut (Auditors Fund of the Econometrisch Dispuut)
Room GB-29
P.O. Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam


The institution has two main aims. On the one hand, she strives to improve the promotion of econometrics, especially in Rotterdam. On the other hand, it supports FAECTOR, amongst others by in part financially compensating people who are of have been, in one way or the other, connected to the association in a formal position for their studying costs. 

Board members

  • R. J. Huisman (President)
  • R.W. ten Kate (Secretary)
  • T. H. Hoogteijling (Treasurer)
  • T. H. Hoogteijling
  • W. A. J. Hustinx
  • M. Zychlinsky Scharf

Compensation policy

The institution is statutorily bound not to pay cash benefits to a board member. However, expenses made by a board member while enacting his/her position tasks may be reimbursed. 

General policy

The general policy of the SAED board is to act in accordance with the goals of the institution and to be financially prudent. Reimbursements will be made in line with the SAED income and the strong desire for the retention and build-up of capital. SAED income is currently strongly dependent on donations from one source and diversification of the donors is desirable in the long run.