FAECTOR Research Project

The FAECTOR Research Project (FRP) is an awesome project that blends business and pleasure. If you join this project you’ll first do an internship conducting research related to the field of econometrics. This way you will apply your theoretically gained knowledge. Afterwards you will go on a study trip abroad along with all the participants of the project.

Students that will start their final academic year next September are eligible to join this project. This means that current second year bachelor Econometrie and Econometrics students and third year BSc2 students can apply for the FRP.

Previous partners of the FRP come from all different fields offered in the masters programs of econometrics. Some examples of last year’s partners are the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (logistics), De Nederlandse Bank (Finance) and T-Mobile (Marketing). When you apply for the FRP you will be able to address your preference for a specific field. The committee will take this into account when they select the students for the participating companies. Under supervision from someone within that company and a teacher from the Econometric Institute you have to write a report about the research that you have done at the company. This report is a good exercise for your Bachelor thesis which you have to write a few months after your internship.

After the valuable working experience you will be rewarded with an amazing trip that ventures to a place outside the European Union every year. On this trip the focus lies on experiencing cultural activities, absorbing all of the famous and unique locations, companies and local universities the destination has to offer. Of course the local nightlife has to be enjoyed as well and there will be time for relaxing moments; something a good summer holiday has to have.

Does this all sounds interesting to you? Then make sure to apply here!

For more information in what the FAECTOR Research Project committees does you can click here.

If you have any questions about the FRP, do not hesitate to contact us: you can send Evita Hoogeveen an e-mail at educational@faector.nl or come by our office at GB-29!

Please note that the application deadline is the 28th of March, 23:59!