FAECTOR/ESE Econometrie Warming-Up

Please note that the subscriptions for the Warming-Up programme are closed.

This is the introduction camp for Dutch Econometrics students. For the introduction camp for students who follow the International or Bachelor Squared program, click here.

Are you a prospective Econometrie en Operationale Research student of the Erasmus School of Economics? Your student life starts now with the official FAECTOR/ESE Econometrie Warming-Up! Make sure to get yourself a ticket and get to know your fellow freshmen before the start of the year!

FAECTOR is the official school association of Erasmus School of Economics and the largest and most prestigious association for students interested in econometrics worldwide. Each year the Erasmus School of Economics and FAECTOR organise an introduction weekend for all prospective Econometrie students of the new academic year. Due to corona, we have come up with an alternative, which will be a mixture of online and offline activities. That means you can participate even when you are not in Rotterdam yet! It will exist of three days of introductory activities, games and a dive into the econometric world. We offer you the best opportunity to get to know your fellow freshmen and your study association FAECTOR in an exciting atmosphere.

What to expect?
The Econometrie Warming-Up is organised by FAECTOR in cooperation with the Erasmus School of Economics. Our (committee) members will introduce you to the student life of Rotterdam. All prospective first-year students of Econometrie are invited to join which allows you to meet many of your fellow students.

The introduction activities will take place from August 24th to August 26th, right before the start of the academic year. On Monday morning (August 24th) ESE will kick-off with an educational programme. In the afternoon, FAECTOR will host a social programme on Zoom where you will get to know your fellow freshman via speeddating and a pubquiz. Tuesday morning will be hosted by ESE again. Tuesday afternoon will consist of an online escape room in teams and a virtual DiMiBo (stands for Tuesday afternoon drinks)! On Wednesday we will explore the amazing city of Rotterdam in small groups with some challenges and a nice picknick.

You can join the Econometrie Warming-Up for free. If you will not be in the Netherlands at that time or do not feel comfortable with the offline event, you can also decide not to participate on Wednesday. Please indicate this in the form.

For any questions you may have, please send an e-mail to info@faector.nl