Estimator Committee

As a member of the Estimator Committee, you are responsible for one of the most important media outlets of FAECTOR. The Estimator Committee writes articles for all FAECTOR members that are both informative and entertaining. The topics of the articles range from a report of a FAECTOR event to a company interview or an article about hotspots in Rotterdam. As a committee member it’s your responsibility to write articles, constantly look out for interesting topics and to brainstorm about the goals and future of the Estimator in general.

The Estimator Committee consists of the following students:

  • Athaya Putri (Chairman)
  • Artun Boz
  • Lala Alasadi
  • Laura Zwiers
  • Mihaela Ilova
  • Monica Panigrahy
  • Noemi Savelkoul
  • Sophie Braggaar (Supervisor from the board)

From left to right: Laura, Sophie, Raveena, Athaya, Noemi, Artun and Mihaela

Applications for the Estimator Committee will open in June 2020.