Freshmen Committee

For the International Econometrics and BSc2 students we offer a sparkling committee: the Freshmen Committee. The members of this committee will organise many social events for freshmen and all other FAECTOR members.

In the past, events organized by the FC have ranged from a casino night to a party bus trip to Antwerp. The year will be topped-off with organising the introduction weekend PENGUIN!

Members of this committee are enthusiastic first year students from the International Econometrics or BSc2 programme with a set of social skills and time next to their studies to be a part of this committee. The Freshmen Committee is perfect for students that want to learn basic committee and organizational skills during the year, as well as an opportunity to come in contact with a lot of other fellow members of FAECTOR.

The Freshmen Committee consists of a supervisor from the board, a chairman and 6-8 committee members.

The Freshmen Committee 2018-2019 consists of the following members

  • Laura Zwiers (Chairman)
  • Hanna Hurenkamp
  • Hélène Friso
  • Maren Ludwig
  • Sigita Lapina
  • Sophie van Breukelen
  • Timothy Ntambala
  • Tommy Zeefal
  • Marie-Sophie Graftiaux (Supervisor from the board)

Applications for the Freshmen Committee 2019-2020 will open up in September 2019.