ICansultancy committee

ICansultancy is a project of FAECTOR in cooperation with the study-associations FSR and In Duplo. The aim of this project is to bring students in contact with leading strategy consultancy companies.

ICansultancy organises two events during the year. In January 2022 the Women Consultancy Day will take place. During this event, a selected group of women will get the opportunity to get to know the most prestigious strategy consultants. Last year, Bain&Company, BCG, Roland Berger and Strategy& were partners of this event. As a committee member you get in contact with those companies during the organisation and of course during the event itself. The committee consist of students from Rotterdam, but the event is open for all female students with an analytical background in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the committee will organise a second event after the Women Consultancy Day. If you will become a committee member, you will get the opportunity to use your creativity and organise a great event for a wide audience.


The ICansultancy Committee 2021-2022 consisted of the following students:

  • Dana de Kiefte - Chairman (In Duplo)
  • Yvette Spoor - Treasurer (FSR)
  • Dominique van Beukering - Marketing Officer (FAECTOR)
  • Aron van Putte - Supervisor (In Duplo)
  • Jim Boersen - Supervisor (FSR)
  • Ewoud Schwartzenberg - Supervisor (FAECTOR)