Lustrum Committee

Previous year FAECTOR has turned 56. This means we would have had our 11th lustrum! However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we did not get the chance to celebrate this in a festive manner. For this reason we decided to postpone the lustrum year for 6 months, until december 2021. We appoint a Lustrum Committee in order to make sure the best events are organised. These events include a ‘lustrum gala’, opening event, beercantus and a closing event. So members of the Lustrum Committee you will be organising some of the biggest social events of FAECTOR. This committee is a great way to exploit your creativity on a large scale, due to the freedom you will have.

The Lustrum Committee 2020-2021 consists of the following students:

  • Pieter van der Vleuten - Chairman
  • Lotte van der Linden
  • Saskia de Jong
  • Maxime van Ruiten
  • Alinda Wu - Supervisor from the board