Marketing Committee

The two main responsibilities of the Marketing Committee are maintaining the professional appearance of FAECTOR and publishing the annual Almanac.

Throughout the year you will be responsible for the promotion of all events and FAECTOR in general. You’ll choose and design the right merchandise, social media and printed promotion materials. Think about posters, flyers, City Trip booklets, Eurekaweek goodies and billboards on the campus. So you will see the result of your hard work everywhere online and on campus!

The other big task is publishing the annual Almanac. This book is an overview of  the highlights of the past academic year that is presented during a special drink at the end of the year. The Marketing Committee gets to choose a theme and can customize the book in the most creative way they can.

The Marketing Committee consists of a supervisor from the board, a chairman, an almanac officer, instagram officer and 4 committee members.

The Marketing Committee 2019-2020 consists of the following students:

  • Anique van Schijndel (Chairman)
  • Alinda Wu
  • Job Reijns
  • Leoni van Dijk
  • Lotte Struik
  • Saskia de Jong
  • Suzanne Kepel
  • Hiro French (Supervisor from the board)

From left to right: Job, Saskia, Hiro, Lotte, Alinda, Suzanne, Leoni and Anique.

Applications for the Marketing Committee 2020-2021 will open in January 2020.