FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme

Applications for the Excellence Programme 2020 are closed.

The FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme is a programme designed for the highly motivated Econometrie/Econometrics/BSc2 students. The goal of the programme is to give Bachelor students (pre-Master, second year or higher) the opportunity to explore different sides of an econometric theme. In cooperation with Erasmus School of Economics, FAECTOR proudly presents the theme of the Excellence Programme 2020: Econometrics & Deep Learning.

Deep Learning started receiving a great deal of attention in the past years given the fast developments in the field. Nowadays, Deep Learning is all around us, and its use is becoming more and more influential. Is now being used in many different businesses and research fields: banking, insurance, medicine and many others.

Are you a bachelor student (second year or higher + pre-Master) and do you want to broaden your knowledge besides your studies? Then the Excellence Programme will be the perfect fit for you! Examples of topics that will be discussed this year are: “What is Deep Learning and how does it differ from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?”, “How is econometrics related to Deep Learning?”, “How do Deep Learning models work?”. Besides building on your academic knowledge, you will get the opportunity to develop your writing and soft skills with workshops and papers. In addition, you will get to meet several companies during the programme, like IBM and Accenture, and see how Deep Learning is applied in reality.  Last but not least, you will receive 4 extracurricular ECTS and a certificate signed by the dean of Erasmus School of Economics, if you finish this programme successfully.

The FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme of 2020 starts in January and ends in June. We will have weekly sessions in block 3, 4 and 5 (excluding week 8 of each block), being either a guest lecture, a company visit, or a workshop. Most of the lectures and workshops are usually on Wednesdays from 5 until 7 pm and will take place on campus. At the end of the Programme you will present your final paper during the ceremony to show your fellow students and family what you have learned during the Programme. Here you will also receive your certificate. For more information you can refer to the schedule of this year at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us at excellence@faector.nl

Previous themes:

  • 2016: Econometrics & Big Data

  • 2017: Econometrics & Health

  • 2018: Econometrics & Artificial Intelligence

  • 2019: Econometrics & Blockchain

The following document is the concept of this year’s programme.