FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme

The FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme is a programme designed for the highly-motivated students in Econometrie, Econometrics and Bsc2. The goal of the programme is to give Bachelor students (second year or higher) and pre-Master the opportunity to explore different sides of an econometric theme not treated in the regular curriculum, by learning both the theory and how to apply it in practice.

The themes in the previous years were:

  • 2016: Econometrics & Big Data
  • 2017: Econometrics & Health
  • 2018: Econometrics & Artificial Intelligence
  • 2019: Econometrics & Blockchain
  • 2020: Econometrics & Deep Learning
  • 2021: Econometrics & Cybersecurity
  • 2022: Econometrics & Climate

The FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme starts in January and ends in June. Applications run throughout the month of December. There are weekly sessions in block 3, 4 and 5 (excluding week 8 of each block), consisting of either a guest lecture, a company visit, or a workshop. The sessions (both lectures and workshops) will be on Wednesdays from 5 until 7 PM. This year's subject will be Econometrics & Health.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us at excellence@faector.nl!