Semi-Annual General Assembly of Members (GAM)

All FAECTOR members are cordially invited to the Semi-Annual General Assembly of Members (GAM) of the school association FAECTOR. The assembly will take place on Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th of February. On Thursday, the location of the assembly is Sociëteit Asker V. of the RSG (Haringvliet 94 in Rotterdam). Doors are open from 19:30 onward and the assembly starts at 20:00. During the first night the board will mainly look back on the past half year. The assembly will be continued on Friday in room C1-6 on the Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 in Rotterdam. On Friday, the doors will be open from 19:15 onwards and the GAM continues at 19:30. The board will present its policy for 2019 on this second night. If you would like to give your feedback or input or ask questions to the board, this is the moment to do it!

The spoken language during the assembly will be English in order to make the assembly accessible for all members. This is a one time trial that will be evaluated afterwards.