Prospective Students

Welcome to the introductory page for new students in the Econometrics programme. Here you can find information about the Econometrics programme, the iBuddy Programme, the introduction camps and FAECTOR.

Student life is about more than lecture halls and studying at home. FAECTOR, the official school association for students in Econometrie & Operationele Research, Econometrics & Operations Research and BSc2 Econometrics/Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, provides you with the opportunity to make the most of your upcoming life as a student. With over 2200 members, 90 Active Members and 19 committees, FAECTOR organises many activities to make your student life enjoyable.

We offer varying projects ranging from social - to career - to educational events. A few examples of social events are After Exam Drinks, sports tournaments and an Interfaculty Gala. Every year a city trip takes place in which a group of FAECTOR members gets to know a new city abroad. Also there is a ski trip for the members that like to go skiing with friends. On top of that, FAECTOR will get you a discount on your study books!

Besides socialising with your fellow students, FAECTOR also gives you the opportunity to get in contact with companies. After all, everyone has to finish their student life some day. Successful career events are the Econometric Career Days, the biggest on-campus recruitment event for econometricians, and the Financial Markets Tour, a trip to London where prestigious investments banks are visited. Besides, we have our own vacancy website

In the field of education, we organise an Excellence Programme and the FAECTOR Research Project. During the Excellence Programme, highly-motivated students get the chance to develop themselves in a broader sense. During the FAECTOR Research Project, students can apply for an internship in the last year of their bachelor. In the end, the revenue of this internship will be used to go on an unforgettable trip somewhere outside of Europe. In the past years we have visited countries like Brazil, Canada, Japan, South-Africa and many more. Moreover, we organise various workshops, like presentation and Python programming workshops. 

For now, it is most important that you feel at home at the university and the city of Rotterdam. Therefore we organise two warming-up programmes. Here you can meet all your fellow students before the semester starts. For more information about the warming-up introduction camps, see here!

Last but not least we organise the iBuddy Programme for international students, coming to the Netherlands from abroad. This programme will assign you to a student of a higher year, who can answer any questions you may have about the university, Rotterdam, housing and more. 

If you have any other questions about the Econometrics Programme, FAECTOR or its activities, feel free to send an email to

Good luck and lots of fun with your studies in Rotterdam!