Experience Econometrics

Do you have the feeling that Econometrics would fit you, but are you not completely sure yet? Or do you just want to get more information about Econometrics? Make sure to apply for (one of) the events for prospective students! 

There are three different paths when you want to study Econometrics:

There is a Dutch programme, an English programme and a double programme. In this double programme you will finish two Bachelors, Econometrics and Economics, in four years instead of six (when you would do both Bachelor programmes separately). Besides the Bachelor Open Day, all three have their own events for prospective students. Find more information about these events by clicking on the options listed above. More information about the Bachelor Open Day can be found here.

Are you interested in a Master in Econometrics and Management Science? Make sure to visit the Master Open Day or the Orientation Days! Find more information about the Master Open Day here and more information about the Orientation Days here. There are four specialisations within this Master: Econometrics, Quantitative Finance, Business Analytics & Quantitative Marketing and Operations Research & Quantitative Logistics.

Do you have any questions about the Bachelor or Master programmes? Don't hesitate to contact us at educational@faector.nl.