Master Take-Off

Every year, FAECTOR organises together with the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) a Master Take-Off for students starting with their master in Econometrics, Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing, Operations Research and Quantitative Logistics or Quantitative Finance. First, there will be an official mandatory part for which more information will be supplied to you by the ESE.

In the afternoon, FAECTOR hosts case studies, with companies that operate in the field of your respective master specialization. This is a great way to start your networking, to get a fee of how you can apply your econometric knowledge in practice, and to see one of your possible future employers in action. More information about this afternoon programme will be supplied here as soon as we have it.

In the evening, there will be a social event, also organised by FAECTOR. The goal of this event is to let students catch up, get to know eachother and make sure you see some familiar faces once you walk into the lectures halls in the first week of the academic year. FAECTOR organises many events during the year, aimed at enriching your student life, whether they are social, career-related or educational events. To make all this possible, for the evening programme we ask you to become a member before you register for the activity. You can do so here!

The entire programme for the Master Take-Off will be send to you in an email from the ESE about a week before the start of the academic year. It will take place on Tuesday 30 August 2022. We look forward to meeting you there!