What is FAECTOR and what do we provide?

FAECTOR is the official school association for econometrics students of Erasmus School of Economics. FAECTOR has been founded in 1966 and with more than 1800 members and 90 active members in 19 committees, we aim to enrich the student experience of all econometricians in the broadest sense of the word. Currently we are the largest and most prestigious association for Econometrics students worldwide.

Our portfolio of projects and events can roughly be divided in three areas related to the pillars career, education and social, within which we organise all we do for students.

Within the career pillar our members have the opportunity to meet a lot of companies to find their future employer. With succesful events like the Econometric Career Days (ECD), Financial Markets Tour (FMT), Find Your Match, Business Trip and multiple Inhouse Days, FAECTOR is the best way to a succesful career.

Within the education pillar our members have the opportunity to broaden or deepen their knowledge in econometrics and related interesting areas. With succesful events like the Excellence Programme, FAECTOR Research Project (FRP), Orientation Days and the Workshop Cycle, FAECTOR is the best way for students to develop themselves from a professional perspective.

Within the social pillar our members have the opportunity to meet Econometrics students from different study phases and form everlasting friendships. With events like the City Trip, Ski Trip, Interfaculty Activities, After Exam drinks, multiple parties and sport tournaments (like soccer, poker and pool), FAECTOR is the best way for students to enrich their student life beyond studying.

Besides our portfolio of projects and events, all our members can buy their study books with a discount on our webshop and we post vacancies on our platform www.econometrie.com

Most of the events are organised by our committees. A committee is a group of students that supports FAECTOR by spending time on organising events, promotion, making new merchandise or writing articles for the Estimator, our online platform. Being part of a committee and being an Active Member is a great way for students to develop themselves in different ways. They will improve their organisational, planning and social skills while working in a team for FAECTOR. To thank our Active Members for putting time and effort in our association we organise events exclusively for Active Members, like Active Members Dinner or Active Members Weekend. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Educational Officer, by sending an e-mail to educational@faector.nl.